Our mission is to secure and empower organisations in the critical infrastructure sector, ensuring their safety and operational resilience. We address clients’ specific challenges and focus on solving problems effectively. Our approach is centred around being a trusted advisor, utilising our expertise and experience to guide cyber security investments in industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) domains.

We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to mitigate risks and address the unique cyber security needs of organisations in this sector — enabling them to thrive in a modern threat landscape. Our expertise, strategic approach and use of advanced technologies empower our clients to proactively defend their critical assets, maintain uninterrupted operations, and safeguard their essential services.

At ASTRA, we combine years of experience and expertise in supporting industrial environments. We are not your typical IT security team. With a hands-on approach, our consultants, engineers, and service partners specialise in working directly with industrial control systems to identify and mitigate potential breaches. We provide comprehensive 360° support, leveraging our extensive knowledge to deliver personalised strategies.

Our range of comprehensive services includes cyber analysis, implementation, ICS/OT training, and managed security services.

Empowering ICS security with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Uncover threats to your ICS environment with our comprehensive evaluation. Leveraging the power of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, we identify risks, assess their impact, and deliver actionable strategies. Our experts work closely with organisations to protect critical assets, reduce risk, and fortify ICS environments against evolving cyber threats.

By analysing attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), we offer valuable insights into current and emerging threats. With prioritised recommendations and customised implementation plans, we empower organisations to enhance their overall cyber security posture.

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Gain comprehensive visibility and control over any ICS environment

Securing ICS requires a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s environment, including all assets and their configuration. That’s why we offer ICS Asset Discovery and Management services, designed to help gain visibility into your ICS environment and manage assets more effectively.

Using advanced scanning and analysis tools, we conduct a thorough asset discovery, identifying various industrial control systems, network devices, servers, OT workstations, and other hardware and software components and their interactions. We capture various ICS protocols and create a detailed inventory with vital information such as asset type, location, and configuration.

Once assets are identified, we establish baseline configurations and implement proactive monitoring. Our asset management services include ongoing monitoring, reporting, and the development of performance metrics. This enables businesses to measure the effectiveness of the asset management program and continuously improve the ICS environment.

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Understand security risks to ICS with our specialised ICS risk assessment service

    • We offer two distinct but complementary ICS Risk Assessment services to help identify and mitigate potential threats to the ICS environment:


  • Standards-based risk assessment
  • Cyber-physical risk assessment.

Standards-Based Risk Assessment:
Following the internationally recognised IEC 62443 standard and guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-82, we identify and evaluate cyber risks in your ICS environment. Our team delivers a comprehensive analysis, providing actionable insights and tailored security measures for your operations.


Cyber-Physical Risk Assessment:
We evaluate the potential for cyber-physical incidents in your ICS environment. We assess the impact on critical operations, encompassing safety, environment, production, and reputation. With a structured approach, we analyse the ability of cyber-attack vectors to disrupt a physical process. Based on our assessment, we provide a customised risk management plan, including recommendations for risk mitigation, security controls, incident response plans, and security enhancements.


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Empowering resilient ICS networks with end-to-end lifecycle support

We offer a full suite of services for ICS Network Architecture, providing end-to-end solutions to secure and optimise critical infrastructure.

Our team begins with an assessment, reviewing the network infrastructure, design, and documentation. This allows us to understand the unique challenges, identify areas for improvement, and deliver actionable recommendations tailored to specific needs.

Our commitment goes further than assessments and recommendations. We also offer design and implementation services, working closely with you to develop and deploy a robust and resilient network architecture that meets your operational requirements and aligns with industry standards and best practices.

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Focus on what matters the most

We know that some assets within an ICS environment are more critical than others. Our Crown Jewel Analysis service is designed to help identify and prioritise the protection of these assets.

Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of business processes, systems, and data, pinpointing the most vital assets such as production equipment, control systems, and intellectual property. We assess the potential impact of security breaches on safety, revenue, and reputation. We create a tailored risk management strategy aligned with objectives and budgets by evaluating dependencies, risks, and vulnerabilities.

Based on our analysis, we provide a prioritised list of the Crown Jewels, along with recommendations for how to protect them. We then help develop a comprehensive security plan that includes technical and non-technical controls.

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Customised solutions for sector-specific operational requirements

As part of our comprehensive security architecture service, our team conducts a thorough assessment of the operational requirements, considering your sector’s unique challenges and regulatory framework.

We design a security architecture aligned with sector-specific guidelines, regulations and challenges. Our services encompass reference architectures for ICS and IIoT environments providing businesses with a detailed framework for streamlined integration and implementation.

Our Security Architecture service includes a comprehensive review of the existing cyber security governance framework, the supporting processes, the ability to support the ever-changing threat landscape and assistance in uplifting the required elements to ensure a robust and fit-for-purpose architecture.

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Services for real-time security monitoring and threat detection

We recognise the importance of proactive security monitoring in safeguarding the ICS environment. This service begins with the design and delivery of a tailored security monitoring strategy. We collaborate with organisations to understand business objectives, budgets, and risk tolerance, then select the right tools and technologies to ensure real-time threat detection. Our team configures and fine-tunes the system to provide relevant and actionable information, eliminating alert fatigue. We then hand over the system, equipping teams with the necessary knowledge and resources to manage it effectively.

Beyond design and delivery, we also offer Managed ICS Security Monitoring as an ongoing service. Our team of skilled security analysts provide round-the-clock monitoring of the systems, detecting and responding to security incidents promptly and efficiently. Leveraging our expertise and advanced tools, we deliver comprehensive reporting and analysis, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending areas for improvement. Our commitment to ongoing training ensures that our team stays up to date with the latest threats and best practices, ensuring the highest level of protection for your critical infrastructure.

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Prepare and respond with confidence

The importance of a robust incident response plan cannot be overstated when it comes to minimising the impact of security incidents. Our ICS Incident Response Readiness service is designed to equip businesses with the necessary tools and strategies to prepare for and effectively respond to security incidents.

Through collaboration, our team develops an incident response plan tailored to specific business objectives and risk tolerance. We identify the critical systems and data within the ICS environment, enabling us to prioritise response efforts accordingly. By establishing clear communication channels and defining roles and responsibilities for the incident response team, we ensure that everyone is well-prepared and knows what actions to take during a security incident.

We also offer Tabletop Exercises (TTX) as a service. TTXs are conducted to validate the effectiveness of the existing incident response plan and assess your team’s readiness to handle actual incidents. Through detailed reporting and analysis, we identify areas for improvement, allowing organisations to refine their incident response plan.

Additionally, we work alongside businesses to establish strong relationships with third-party incident response teams and law enforcement agencies. These strategic partnerships prove invaluable during large-scale security events, providing the necessary support and expertise for swift and effective responses.

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Enabling uninterrupted operations and rapid recovery

At Astra, we understand the importance of maintaining operational resilience in an ICS environment, especially regarding business continuity and disaster recovery. Our ICS Operational Resilience Service is designed to help establish robust strategies and frameworks to ensure the continuous operation of critical infrastructure — even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Our team collaborates to assess the existing operational processes and identify vulnerabilities and potential points of failure. We develop tailored business continuity and disaster recovery plans that align with specific needs, industry regulations, and risk tolerance. With a focus on minimising downtime and optimising recovery, we ensure that your ICS operations can withstand various disruptive events (such as cyber attacks, or system failures) and swiftly recover operations with minimal impact.

Additionally, we assist in regularly testing and validating business continuity and disaster recovery plans through simulated scenarios and tabletop exercises. This ongoing evaluation ensures that strategies remain effective and up to date, allowing businesses to continuously adapt to emerging risks and changing operational requirements.

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Seamless program execution for cyber security in ICS environments

Our team specialises in providing comprehensive ICS Cyber Security Program Management services to help organisations effectively manage cyber risks and ensure the resilience of their ICS. We develop and implement a robust program management framework that aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

In this service, we go beyond the traditional governance approach by combining strategic planning, program implementation, and ongoing monitoring. We work closely with organisations to establish a tailored governance framework aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements. This ensures cyber security efforts are effectively managed and business objectives are met.

By leveraging our ICS Cyber Security Program Management Service, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of managing complex cyber programs in the organisation.

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We tailor our ICS/OT cybersecurity services for our clients in the chemical sector to prioritise safeguarding proprietary processes, ensuring continuous operations, and building a comprehensive defence against cyber threats that might jeopardise production integrity, product quality, or workplace safety.


Maritime shipping and Ports anchor global trade and supply chain. With our team's knowledge and expertise in threat modelling, ICS risk assessments and implementing IMO Guidelines, we address the needs of the sector to ensure robust security for critical systems including Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services such as Automatic Identification System, Automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA), cargo handling, vessel traffic, automated cargo movement systems, and communication networks.


From the depths of exploration to the intricacies of refining and seamless distribution through pipelines and shipping, the operations of the oil and gas industry demand a resilient cybersecurity posture. Our ICS/OT services and solutions address requirements from API 1164, Saudi's NCA OTCC, Qatar's ICS Security Standard, and NIST SP 800-82, securing this sector's complexities.


Following the Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF), the Department of Energy's C2M2, and Indian Central Electricity Authority (CEA) guidelines, our ICS/OT services prioritise the security of infrastructure from generation to transmission to distribution including the smart grid, ensuring a fortified stance against adversaries.


Spanning from pit operations to port logistics, the mining sector faces unique cybersecurity challenges. Our ICS/OT services are finely tuned to securing this journey. We ensure that every process, from ore extraction to shipment (road, rail, and port) logistics, benefits from robust digital defences improving resilience.


The rail sector serves as the arteries and veins of a nation’s transportation and logistics — and requires expert advice and services across the intricate network. Our ICS/OT services offer tailored solutions based on industry standards such as RISSB AS-7770 and CENELEC - EN 50159 to ensure Train Control Systems, Switching and Signalling infrastructure, Onboard systems, Rolling Stock and Station Controls are fortified against cyber threats.


Understanding the pivotal role of water in everyday life, our ICS/OT services focus on safeguarding the complex infrastructures and processes of this sector. From monitoring systems to distribution networks and wastewater treatment, we provide tailored security solutions.


Air and public transport are vital connectors in a globalised world, facilitating both long-haul journeys and daily commutes. Our ICS/OT services are engineered to address these complexities. We prioritise safeguarding every touchpoint, from flight communication systems, air traffic management systems, metro and light rail, smart freeways, to urban transit payment gateways.


In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, where precision and efficiency intersect, securing the infrastructure that supports production lines, machinery controls, and supply chain logistics is paramount. Our ICS/OT services are custom-built for this industry. We focus on securing every aspect, from robotic automation systems to inventory management networks.

Our credentials speak to our commitment to providing reliable, effective, and personalised ICS cyber security risk management services.


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